Punctilious pointillist

by Victoria Verlichak, Rubbers Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2007

Punctilious pointillist. Margarita Garcia Faure paints point after point to build an artwork that combines messages from the soul with sensory experiences that tend towards the realm of dreams. Through the movements of her painting, at times, her works appear to reproduce the fluctuations of the stars upon surreal patterns. Silent and insistent, the artist creates traps where the eye is caught within the primary concern of colour. She spills out a thousand freckles - side by side or superimposed - so as to achieve the delicate vibration that emanates from these sensitive paintings. The light highlights the swaying of the ascending whirlwinds and descending cascades, all made from the smallest forms, and which translate a symphony of passions and enunciations into flourishing compositions.

Extract from the text by Victoria Verlichak, catalogue of the Sensations and Feelings Exhibition at the Rubbers Gallery, Buenos Aires. 2007.

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