Margarita García Faure

Photography: Gisela Volá

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the autumn of 1977 and my footsteps have always followed those of the mountains, the winds, the rivers and the seas. My hands have looked at "hands that know" and my eyes have discovered that inmensity has no representation.

Curriculum vitae

She studied visual arts and experimental cinema with Sergio Bazán, Adriana Lestido, Claudio Caldini, Valeria González and Hugo Petruchansky. Ceramics with Adriana Martínez and Isabel Mendoza. She is a National Professor of Sculpture certified by the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA).

She created La Flecha art space, where she provides support for artists in the creation and development of their work.

Scholarships and Residences:

In 2020, she was selected for the “Joint Paths” platform of the MUFF Montevideo Uruguay Photography Festival.

In 2018 she won the Creation Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

In 2017 she was invited to the Puerto Sin Fronteras Residence, at the Festival de las Artes de Valparaíso, Chile.

In 2014 she was chosen to take part in the KM0-Abubuya Residency, Amazon Region, Bolivia, organized by Kiosco, Bolivia, funded by a grant from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Argentina.

In 2012 she received a Grant for an Artistic Residence in Mexico from the Secretaría de Cultura Argentina and the Fondo para la Cultura y las Artes de México; and was invited to participate in the Antarctic Art Residency run by the Dirección Nacional del Antártico.

In 2007 she received a Creation Grant from the Williams Foundation.


2017 “Inmenso”, book published with the support of the Cultural Promotion-Patronage Regime of the City of Buenos Aires.

Between 2017 and 2019 the book was presented at the CNB Casa Nacional del Bicentenario de Buenos Aires, the MNBA National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rosario, the MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta, the MAR Museum of Mar del Plata, the MAC Art Market of Córdoba and the National University of Córdoba.

Solo exhibitions:

  • 2012 “Inmenso” (Immense), Museo Emilio Caraffa, Córdoba; “Entretanto” (Meanwhile), Galería Praxis, Buenos Aires and “Dorada” (Golden), La Miscelánea, Mexico City.
  • 2010 “El aire entero”(The Whole Air), Galería Rubbers Internacional, Buenos Aires.
  • 2009 "A rainbow for Hilary" CESTA, Tabor. Czech Rep.
  • 2008 “Río pintura” (River of Paint), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Rosario (MACRO), Rosario, Santa Fe.
  • 2005 “Argentina.SI revisited”, Boltax Gallery, New York.
  • 2004 “Gigante” (Giant), Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
  • 2001 “Pinturas” (Paintings), Cecilia Caballero Galería, Buenos Aires.

Main group exhibitions:

  • 2018 “Borrador de un cuerpo intervenido” (Draft of an intervened body) Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires.
  • 2017 “Puerto Sin fronteras” (Port Without Borders), Festival de las Artes de Valparaíso, Chile.
  • 2014/15 “Chope Abubuya”, Casa de la Cultura de Trinidad, Centro de la Cultura Plurinacional de Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.
  • 2014 “In Fraganti”, Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires.
  • 2013 “Sur Polar. Arte en la Antártida” (Polar South. Art in Antarctica), Contemporary Art Gallery of Xalapa, Mexico; Central Bank Award, Buenos Aires.
  • 2012 “Sur Polar. Arte en la Antártida” (Polar South. Art in Antarctica), Museo de Arte Tigre, Buenos Aires Province; “Últimas tendencias II” (Latest Trends II), Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires and “(Des) proporciones” ((Dis)Proportions), Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires.
  • 2011 "Estamos en el mismo lugar"(We are in the same place), Vidal / Di toro / Duarte / Garcia Faure, Una Casa, Buenos Aires.
  • 2010 Central Bank Award, Muséo Sívori, Buenos Aires; Arnet Open Sky Award, Honorable Mention, Museo del Tigre, Buenos Aires.

  • 2009 "LOVE", Jacob Karpio Gallery, San José, Costa Rica.
  • 2008/06/05 Salón Nacional de Rosario, Museo Castagnino, Rosario, Santa Fe.
  • 2007 “Sensaciones y Sentimientos” (Sensations and Feelings), Galería Rubbers, Buenos Aires.
  • 2007 Bienal de Bahía Blanca, Museo de Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province.
  • 2005 “2D”, C. C. Parque España, Rosario, Santa Fe.
  • 2004 “Argentina.SI”, Boltax Gallery, New York.
  • 2002 “Junio” (June), Exhibición #1, Proyecto A, Buenos Aires.
  • 2001 “Garcia Faure - Gopar”, Galería M.O.T.P., Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires Province.
  • 2001 2nd Prize Banco Nación, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires;
  • 2001 Chandón Cultural Hall, Castagnino Museum, Rosario, Santa Fé.
  • 2000 Exhibition curated by Sergio Bazán, Carlos Braulio Areco Museum, Posadas, Misiones.
  • 1999 International Salon of Young Art. Ecuador basin.

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