Paradox of infinity
by Patricia Mendoza, Imenso Exhibition, Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba 2012

How can one frame the sea and wrinkle the desert?

Journey through shades of blue that evoke waters which remind us of other waters ... mist that creeps like lizards and moves like aquatic creatures ... shadows, transparencies and oceanic depths reminiscent of gardens.

A brocade of two views, a path that deciphers the distance between the fish and the moon ... the prophet's voice heard, reflecting on timeless enigmas.

Fabric woven with the subtlest of thread.

The infinite; traveling over a mirror landscape that extends like a Moebius loop… circular time. Can time be confused?

I think of Margarita who today walks the Mexican desert, perhaps green again by the last rains, where footprints of blue deer open a dialogue with the gods. The blue of the deers’ trot generates waves, and she swims as she walks… she perceives a universe of suns sheltered by the sands, and dreams of the brush stroke that describes the indescribable...

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