The Entire Air

by Claudio Caldini, Rubbers Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2010

Margarita García Faure paints after painting itself, and does so before the gesture can gain consciousness. The painting process is an expansive movement of which a mere instant is captured; technique being a partial reflection of a cosmic dynamic. Transparency is Margarita García Faure’s lens, as demonstrated through her multiple glass pieces. In her larger canvases, the mist reduces the vivid intensity, and the color, or its absence, offers its own mysterious quality. We believe to see landscapes in these paintings because we can sense the forces that create these images: the undulation of light, molecular agitation, geological layers. And if under the surface a trace of embellishment appears, as cinematographer Heinz Emigholz says, it is because it symbolically represents the lapse of time in its form.

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