by María Spinelli

"Based on contradictions, the universe of Margarita Garcia Faure is the chaos resulting from the accumulation and superimposition of order. Her works suggest a meticulous Morse code translation of gestural paintings. Or, just the opposite, the construction of a vibrant, excessive and intuitive cosmos on the basis of tiny quanta of color. These are both colossal graphisms and paintings of the tiny. The surfaces of the canvases dissolve in a color-light suspension that creates textures and transparencies. Like a frenetic pointillist painting, the optical mix generates abstract planes in which the color is more intense that anything that Signac could have dreamed up. By means of an effect like Linchenstein’s brushstrokes, Garcia Faure’s paintings undermine the expressive immediacy of the gesture. Through the repetition of a mechanical action, in Water Lilies the instant nature of drawing slows down, indeed almost stops, because between two dots there can always be another."

Extract from María Eugenia Spinelli’s text in the catalogue for Exposición 2d, Centro Cultural Parque España, Rosario, 2005.

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